Earl Grey Imperial Tea



Black tea, the king of flavoured teas, famous throughout the world for its full-bodied, fruity and aromatic tang. An extremely versatile tea that can be enjoyed on its own or with a range of savoury and sweet food. Our IMPERIAL variant consists of an excellent base of black Darjeeling tea enriched by the natural aroma of bergamot from Calabria. Traditionally an afternoon tea, it can in fact be enjoyed any time of the day.

Packaging: Pcs. /Box – 6 (25 servings)

Country of Origin: Italy

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Tonino Lamborghini TEA SELECTION includes eight classic teas and four infusions, packed in single-serving boxes: whole leaves of the highest quality, in single hand-sewn tea filters with the famous ‘Raging Bull’ logo on tea tags.

The Tonino Lamborghini Tea Selection box is divided in twelve silver mirrored sections, dedicated to each tea fragrance. Each section contains five little boxes of that specific filter flavor. Thanks to a Tonino Lamborghini personalized red silk ribbon it is possible to pull out the chosen fragrance.

Each Tea and infusion filter has a dedicated box finished in matt black paper, in order to give the product an idea of luxury and unique sensation. The red shield logo with the ‘Raging Bull’ insignia is in the center of the box and has a silver vanished effect.
On each Tonino Lamborghini Tea box there is a short description of the flavour and the time of infusion, in order to give all the correct information to better serve/taste these high-quality teas.


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